What Happens in the Towards Better Sleep Programme?

The therapists take the participants through 4 x 1 hr sessions (over 6 weeks) about insomnia and its management.

Who Attends?

The only attendees at the sessions are the group participants and the therapists. We aim to include not more than 9 participants in each group, and keep the group membership stable i.e. the group will not intake new members as time progresses.

Why is it a Group?

A group setting offers participants the opportunity to share their stories, and learn from the experiences and ideas of other insomnia sufferers, in a private and confidential atmosphere. It also allows the therapists to treat more people in a cost-effective way.

How Long Does the Programme Run?

The Towards Better Sleep programme is currently configured as 4 early evening sessions occurring over a 6 week period.

Where and When is the Programme Held?

The venue will be Psychology Consultants southside office, located at 18 Thynne Road, Morningside. The building is located just off Wynnum Road, above the Spar Convenience Store and Thynne Road Deli. There is ample parking behind and around the building. The actual programme dates will be finalised once group membership is known, but we expect to start the sessions at 6:00pm on Thursday evenings.

 Do I Need to Bring any Materials?

No. You will be given a folder/workbook and printed material for each session, which we ask you to bring to subsequent sessions.

What Happens to Information Held About Me?

All personal and clinical information held is subject to the usual provisions governing any doctor-patient or therapist-patient relationship. Before releasing this information to anyone we must seek your permission first, however, we would normally write back to your referring doctor at the programmes completion. Finally, we hope to submit data from the programme to the scientific literature for dissemination and feedback at a later date. To do this we will seek your permission to use de-identified data, which is information that does not identify who you are and pertains to the group as a whole eg. Gender and age distribution, test scores before and after treatment.

What are the Costs?

Each session costs $100.00 to attend, however we request full programme payment of $400.00 prior to the programmes’ commencement. Whilst this may sound expensive it is important to realize that, as the sessions are medical services provided by a medical practitioner, each session is subject to a rebate from Medicare. This rebate currently stands at $41.95 (as at 1 Nov 2011).  For what is provided in the programme, this out-of-pocket cost is cheaper than equivalent individual treatment.

We will provide a receipt for each session you attend at its completion, thus allowing you to claim your rebate directly from Medicare the following day.

What if I miss a Session?

In the event that you miss a group session due to unforeseeable difficulties you will be able to cover the material in a single individual treatment session with Kathryn Smith. You will need to contact Kathryn’s rooms on 3356 8255 to arrange this. Whilst we are not able to provide any refunds for missed sessions there is a guarantee that the individual session which is a “make-up” for a missed session of the programme will not attract an out-of-pocket fee.

What if I Don’t Feel any Better?

Like all treatments or management approaches in medical or psychological practice there are occasions where a treatment provided won’t be helpful. The Towards Better Sleep programme is no different in this regard. If you find the programme is of no benefit to you then you must speak to your referring doctor about this and about what further treatment options are available.

How do I enroll?

To register your interest, or to enrol, please call Psychology Consultants on (07) 3356 8255 or email tbs@psychologyconsultants.com.au


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